Neuropathy of triple a syndrome


Neuropathy of triple a syndrome

The allgrove patient have a neuropathy

i receive recently a email :
"My aunt has Allgrove for about 25 years now. She walks with a walker and is doing OK. She is now 70 years old."

There is a global muscular hypotrophy,

So for the foot and legs it's very visible a passive sport is very important see next article

i didn't meet patient with a real problem at hand, but they are probleme sometimes with strengh to push and pull a door

Two photography of my hand an foot

EMG : electromyogramme

A day in france i spend a strange test, a doctor pic me with a needle and he moved my arm, then the machine did noise "broom", he rebegin with my leg and after he wrote on the sheet normal, normal, normal, normal, two strange words, then normal, normal, normal. i hate this behaviour.

Finnaly after some years i understood that was a electromyogramme E.M.G exame

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