Syndrome triple A Tips and trick


Tips and tricks for family and patient

I like when stair have bars as this :
wall hand fall

When i was a child i often fell. Finally in my home, my father stick on the wall handles in the shower ( in iron anti-oxidative),
you can buy this in do-it-yourself store, finally my mother and my grand-mother it's practice when they use soap.

Me, and other patients whith triple a syndrome have no enough strength in the hand because the muscle are weakness,
it's better if you have in your home handle door as in the left picture, the circle handle are more difficult to use for us,
inally when handle are long it's better

my father a day put two handle in toilet, he doesn't like this and my friend was disturb, but finally me,
i prefer a another a handle than a key.

Underneath, in this link, I tested a tool called "one-touch" to open bottle it make a big noise but it's open easy.

click here store just to see a example

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