Presentation of the Allgrove Syndrome called to triple a syndrome.

Some of Allgrove or triple-a syndrome a rare disease.

Jeremy Allgrove discovered this Disease in 1978. The body makes badly a protein ( ALADIN). This protein is in all the cells of the body. The gene 13 of the chromosome 12 is defective.

More exactly triple a syndrome :

- faintnesses (drop in blood pressure)

- problems of gulp (breathlessnesses)

- psychomotor problems

- thinness


Why AAA ?

-Alachasia : An operation of the oesophagus.

-Alacrymia : An absence of tears.

-Adrenal : Glands near the stomach cause a hormonal problem

Source : Orphanet

My opinion on this disease:

The mother of another patient said to me this: destruction of organs. This definition is horrible and unreal.

I am not a leper. I possess all my organs, even if they are not totally functional.

I'm 22 and I visited a part of the Scotland, Denmark, the Swiss, Austria, Germany, Belgium, 4 corners of France.

I play by tennis with a friend.

I have a car and professional ambitions.

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