Physiotherapy for triple A syndrome patients


Some exercices of Physiotherapy for allgrove syndrome patients

Since fifteen years, I go there twice by week.

Exercice 1 :

The weight. A 10 kilo weight stretches out the Achilles' heel.
5-10 minutes

Exercice 2 :

A board is tilted. Heels have to touch it. A weight between both calfs preservation the parallel feet. The patient has difficulties has to keep fixed heels.
5 minutes

Exercice 3 :

We push one fixed table. The purpose is to keep Achille's heels for the ground.
30 seconds by foot.

Exercice 4 :

Devoted admirer :
A knee on the ground as a knight. We are on a carpet. It is necessary to get up without using hands. It makes work all the muscles of legs and the breath. Since it I go up more easily stairs.
5 minutes

Exercice 5 :

The patient is held in a bar fixed to a wall. Heels are downward, it stretches them. A weight between legs to keep feet parallel.
5-10 minutes

Exercice 6 :

The doctor throws a weight to the patient.
1 minute

Exercice 7 :

The patient holds a scarf whichstretches out the tendon/sinew.

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