Schéma d'une maladie génétique

Why the patients have some problem .

Because the parents give at the baby functions when they did love, the addition create a disease so with this theorie your father have a part of problemen and your mother have other part, the baby have mother problem because the poblem's parents fusion no jsut additional function.

Why the doctor ask me if i have a arabic ancestor? because the doctor think the problem, give baby after baby in family since some thousand year, i don't understand haw they are caculated this. but now in my family we have some doubt.

That's i read in the case report of doctors, but there is other theorie, the cell-mother have a disfunction and we don't understand why.

So my future children will have this desease?

No because this disease is "autosomal reccessif".

I did a scheme :

A patient give it, if he meet a other patient with same disease.

I read that i create a protein? What's it this?

The body is constitute by cells, and cells create a complex chimical reaction.

The scientists don't understand all on this disease but they are a theory.

A nervous cells create a protein, in nucleus there are 23 chromosomes, the first is named 1 the second 2 ect...the 12 have a problem.

Tip :
-All the chromosome is human "D.N.A".

i drew a other schem :


Some tips on the chromosomes :

-they are constituted by genes.

-the part A is the same as B.

-Some genes create a genetical disease.

Chromosomes are divised in two parts the top P and the bottom Q.

So in the part Q, the Gene 13 have a problem.

The Gene 12q13 create a protein named ALADIN a acronym of Achalasia, alacrymia, adissionism and neuronal disorder.

They are different possibility un function of background family.

But in generally the gene 13 is constitute by 16 exon.

I put other scheme :


In nucleus there is a complex relationship between chromosomes and molecules to create a protein.

I will try to explain it click next

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