Syndrome triple A suprarenal glands


Suprarenal glands.

Somes patients have Addison's disease.

I am not concerned yet.
Today we can heal this disease.

This disease is treated by hormones of syntheses :

  • Fludrocortisone
  • Hydrocortisone

Addison's wikipedia's link

I do not still know if I have this disease.

Certain patients have brown spots on the skin.

They are tired, and have too mutch heat.

The glycemia can vary. It can kill.

The tension of bloof can vary : see hypotension.

The bones mass can decrease.

If you have these symptoms it is necessary to spend a test: "Synacthène".

It 's very very important !

Synacthène" is "doctors inject in the blood of the synthetic hormones"

. It is necessary to make a blood test to see how the body regulates hormones.

There is two hands of two patient

Me with a no addison and other patient( it's girl) with addison.

  • The first has a normal color.
  • The second is too dark.

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