Deformities of toes and feet Syndrome d'Allgrove ?

I see a doctor in France two time per year, who see my feet and toes, i must walk on a stage (in right of picture it's easy)
but i know that he see if i walk on toes or with my heels ( normal motion walk ), finally at 26 i walk on the right side of my feet and sometime
when i have bad shoes my ankle twist and i fall.
Some time too i must stay on a mirror the doctor can see under my feet to see deformities for me i have a sort of gap because muscle are weakness

Finally in France i have the right of specific shoes one time per year with inner soles created just for me,
this shoes are more light and take on better on the foot,

For inner sole it's easy i put my feet in a box that contain pink foam, that take one second, i do this sinc my childhood

I think inner soles are based on this consideration the foot contain different parts to communicate with other organs,
you stretch toe or massage them to low pain of a specific organ.

Finally at 26 my toes are right just one is up (big toe/hallux is up) and the second/long toe is bend ( with high problem of eye)
i meet some allgrove patient after thirty that use surgery to strtech their toes, but me i don't want.

Reflexology : picture in french but you can find easily in your language with search engine.

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