A dentures for Allgrove Syndrome 's patients?

Here is a photo of a tooth belonging to me. What is white is of the composite.

We speak about few these problems of set of teeth. But the research works all the same.

I go to the dentist once a week. He enlarges my caries to inject of the composite.

The teeth which have too much composite are replaced by false teeth.

I'm 23, and I have 13 false teeth. It is impressive.

We envisage a dentures. At my age it is "crazy".

Some medecines to help Allgrove Patients.


Bioxtrais a medicine little used within the framework of this disease. Personally, I swallow it little.

He allows to limit the sensation of drought in the mouth. You can speak so more easily during several hours.

It is a kind of gel. We put it on one fingers to spread it over the mucous membranes of the language and the gums.

This medicine has a smell of mint. It is necessary to wash itself hands having consumed it.

Sulfarlem :

It is the medicine that the neurologist can prescribe you.

The purpose is to reactivate the salivary glands. Three pills a day. Personally, I stopped, it gave me bellyache.

Tongue :

When I was young, I had white tasks on the tongue.

Other patients can have holes at the level of the tongue. There would be a lack of saliva.

2012-advice : I tested some medecine to re-produce salivaz, but finally i use it sedom, i my choice, and i walk in the street allways with a bottle of water but when i was a child i didn't drink water a lot .

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