The Allgrove Syndrome 's patients have less and less saliva.

This raises problems.

Food sticks to teeth. It destroys enamels.

The toothpaste and the saliva merge. It leaves an unpleasant gout in the throat.

A great deal of caries appear.

Food jams in the throat. The gulp is perturbed.

The patients have a nasal voice.

Here are some councils to swallow well.

Drink some water to return wet food. Manage them downward in the mouth.

A speech therapist can give advice for the gulp.

To swallow a medicine, it is necessary to place it at the bottom of the tongue.

We can coat medicines of butter or compote.

Personally, the alcohol burns me the throat. And I drink too much water. It raises me problems of appetite.

Here are some food which I advise recommend.



Sandwich bread.




Very cooked noodles.

Avoid the soup ( too much water).

Chicken leg.


To avoid:

Melba toasts.

The sausage.

The salad.


Walnut coconut.



Chicken breast.

Cold noodles.

Cold or sticky rice.

How to avoid a food breathlessness :

- do not look at the others, to concentrate better.

- indeed swallow and not re-spit.

- avoid the food which stick.

- drink some water.

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